Skogr Utensils

A natural & eco-friendly addition to your kitchen; This beautiful set of kitchen utensils is crafted from Teak wood providing you with a lightweight yet strong cookware and serving selection.

Our Skogr range is very easy to maintain, simply handwash each piece with warm soapy water. Occasionally rub with olive oil to preserve the shine. Safe to use on hot surfaces, store in a dry place.

  • Available in 7 sizes set
    • Turner: 33x8.2cm
    • Spatula: 31.5x7cm
    • Short Serving Spoon: 23x6.8cm
    • Ladel: 27x7.8cm
    • Serving Spoon: 25.5x6.2cm
    • Perforated Spoon: 28x8cm
    • Short Spoon: 18x8cm