Electra Imitated Glow Tube Clock


A futuristic design of a timeless product. This clock is a combination of modern technologies and vintage tubes. It is a perfect gift for your friend and definitely will fit into any interior. The warm glowing of the neon will fill your house with soft orange light at night and will serve as a night light.


  • Outstanding Visual Effect: Integrated over 60pcs high-quality RGB LED to recreate the classic Nixie Tube to achieve a longer life span and make it affordable.
  • Made of Solid Wood: The CNC-crafted base makes a solid walnut/maple, fine workmanship with high-grade timber makes a fine timepiece.
  • Easy Assembly: Considerately pre-assembled product only takes less than 30mins, we make it a better product to use and preferred gifts.
  • Simple to use: No need to set it up from your PC, no need to install any software, just a few push buttons, and here you go.
  • Choose Your Favorite Mode: 5 awesome preset modes to display the best of the RGB Clock, you can also custom your own modes.
  • Accurate Time: Powered by high-performance RTC from Maxim integrate, the clock is counting your every happy second accurately.


  • Rated Power: 0.8W
  • Input: DC5V:1A
  • Light Source: RGB LED
  • Material: Walnut/Maple, ABS, PC
  • Size: 24 x 6 x 8cm
  • Weight: 384g