American Irregular Walnut Serving Plates

Dining room essentials just got better with the American irregular walnut serving plate set. This plate set features an overall comfortable and timeless appearance. It's easy to carry and it’s also food safe. Each one is individually made from different selections of wood, which means no two will ever look exactly the same. 


  • Individually handcrafted 
  • Made of solid wood
  • The set includes 5 plates
  • Product dimensions
    • S (W13 x L16cm)
    • M (W20 x L20cm)
    • L (W21 x L26cm)
    • XL (W20 x L30cm)
    • Tall (W11.5 x L30cm)
  • Notes:
    • The exact look may vary slightly from photos
    • Dry thoroughly before storing
    • Keep out of direct sunlight