Perpetual Planetary Calendar


Make the calendar in an elegant manner to give people unlimited company and waiting. A good craft not only because it’s a special design, but also expresses an attitude towards life. This planetary calendar doesn't need batteries. It depends on the magnetic beads adsorbed on the corresponding dates and weeks. It needs to manually adjust the magnetic beads every day.

The shell is made of black walnut, with a black panel, low-key and steady temperament. The gold panel, low-key with a little luxury, even if placed alone on one side is also a good decoration. It is the first choice for self-using and business gifts.


  • Handmade wooden crafts stand high-quality
  • Solid Walnut shows heavy, calm, and elegance
  • Materials: walnut, solid wood, magnetic beads, aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions H4.5xØ9cm